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Les Fleurs de L'orange small batch roll-on fragrance oil

Les Fleurs de L'orange small batch roll-on fragrance oil

$ 19.00

How to describe Les Fleurs de L'orange... it's floral, it's orange. Really orange! But not oranges like the fruit. The color orange. Warm, creamy, rich, floral, sensual orange. If the color orange was a beautiful woman, this would be it.

Sun shining on orange blossoms, lilacs, frangipani, and geranium, traces of mandarin oranges, bergamot, champa leaves, and herbal lavender floating through the air, the faintest hint of ripe apricots, all wafting on a warm vanilla and sweet amber breeze. 

This fragrance is a warm, high-end floral unlike anything we've offered before. Very classy, with an almost vintage feel. Perfect for lovers of niche and mainstream perfumes, especially florals. It sits close to the skin, so it won't overwhelm everyone around you. 

This super small-batch fragrance is STUNNING. Due to the rarity of the notes, only five bottles will be available, and they are priced based on the cost of the ingredients. Discounts do not apply to these bottles, which is why they are temporarily marked up to reflect the 20% off sale going on for Memorial Day. They will be marked back down to $22 once the sale ends (coupon code MemorialDay is good through Monday). Basically, it costs you $22 either way, which is what it cost us to make. We just want y'all to try it because it smells so amazing!

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