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Yule Capsule : Louisa : 10ml Roll On

Yule Capsule : Louisa : 10ml Roll On

$ 20.00


Louisa is a devoted friend to all.  Though she'd arrive in a timely fashion, no one would realize until they went to hang their coat and found her in the hall, halfway under a table, nose to nose with Josette's elderly cat.  The world seems to effortlessly move around Louisa - animals seek her out, earth molds freely on her pottery wheel, and her friends delight in each and every peculiarity in her personality.   Louisa will be quick to scoop the fruit slices from the sangria pitcher and even quicker to tell the best stories you've ever heard.  


Notes: homemade sangria punch, warm fireplace, dry clay, cedarwood


Pretty Perfume Oil Ingredients: rice bran oil, fragrance oil.


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